How to Maintain your looks during Pregnancy: Motherhood is the most beautiful phase that can happen to any woman. A new life is starting it’s journey with you so naturally some adjustments and changes occur. In this article we will first go through some common issues faced during pregnancy and then I am going to suggest some basic practices and routines to help you maintain your looks during pregnancy.

How to Maintain Your Looks during Pregnancy

Skin Trouble / Challenges

1. Rapid Drying of the skin during the initial phase of pregnancy
2. Change in skin colour and formation of acne and dark spots on face
3. Darkening of the already dark body parts like armpits and elbows
4. Stretch Marks on various parts of the body such as the tummy area
5. Increased Skin Sensitivity to commonly used products like soaps

The basic reason behind these problems are hormonal changes in your body and changes in your immune and circulatory system. These changes are completely normal and nothing to be ashamed about. The good part about these changes is that they usually clear off in about 3-4 months after your baby is born.

How to Maintain Your Looks during Pregnancy
However, to keep your glow during pregnancy and to feel confident, there are certain practices that should be followed to keep you happy and satisfied. After all, your mood affects the health of the baby drastically.

The following measures are to be taken during the first month of pregnancy itself, to keep your skin and looks intact.

To maintain your natural beauty and glow during pregnancy as well as after conceiving your child, you should follow these basic guidelines

1. Moisturize your skin regularly

It helps in preventing flakiness and dullness. Since your skin is more prone to damage during this time, the regular moisturisation creates a barrier to help protect your skin. You should chose your moisturiser according to your skin type and requirement.

2. Maintain a proper diet

Your body as well as your baby needs proper nourishment to maintain your health which will make you look pretty as well. If you plan on having a protein based diet it is suggested that you consult your doctor or dietitian for the same. Also it is not recommended to have heat inducing food while pregnant.

How to Maintain Your Looks during Pregnancy
3. Use good quality and organic cosmetics

Although we wouldn’t suggest using cosmetics while pregnant because of the chemicals used. However, if it is completely necessary, you may use organic and chemical free cosmetics. You may even use home based alternatives.

4. Hydrate yourself regularly by consuming sufficient fluids –

Hydration of your body is completely essential because it helps in maintaining your body fluids. Your digestion, absorption, circulation, transportation of nutrients and maintenance of body temperature is majorly dependent on your hydration. It will take care of your baby’s health as well as your health and looks. Drink lots of water and juices. Avoid intake of caffeine products like tea and coffee.

How to Maintain Your Looks during Pregnancy
5. Take care of your skin during pregnancy by eating good quality fruits and vegetables

Consuming vegetables and fruits loads you up with ample of vitamins and minerals which gives a natural glow to your skin.

6. Avoid intake of oily foods and alcohols which cause dryness –

consuming oily foods and alcohol during pregnancy can cause diseases like diabetes. It also hampers the cell growth of your baby. This affects your skin health and makes it look dull and patchy.

How to Maintain Your Looks during Pregnancy

If you have a certain craving, you can satisfy it but in a limited quantity so that it does not affect your health or the baby’s health.

All these tips are to be followed very dedicatedly so that your child is born healthy and strong and your looks may be better than ever before. You just need to take basic care and avoid some temptations.