We at 7Shades, like all other beauty treatments engage specially trained beauticians and superior quality materials for eyelash enhancements. Our beauticians are highly trained in the use of new coloring techniques. Like all beautification processes, we use hygienic and safe ingredients to protect against infections. Give a fresher look to your skin with one our indulgent beauty services. Our beauty services are exclusively designed for treatment of dry & dehydrated skin, sun-damaged skin, blocked pores, and acne problems. The exfoliation process is done correctly our beauty care experts in which your body is washed and rub with body scrub compounds to remove dead skin cells and allow a new cells to grow. Threading and waxing are procedures of removing unwanted hairs from specific areas. Threading technique is generally used to remove unwanted hairs from the face. Beauty service can be opted for hair removal from eyebrow, chin, forehead, upper lip or full face. In threading hair removal procedure is done by the use of a thin thread with expertise and right techniques. Waxing is not meant for hair removal from the face. This technique is used to remove unwanted hairs from the body parts like arms, legs, hands, and bikini line. In waxing procedure, melted waxes are applied on skin and then peeled off by a pad expertly. We specialize in both, threading and waxing. Make your face/skin clean, smooth and glowing with our exclusive threading and waxing services.


Experience the finest hand spa and manicure service at 7Shades. Our manicure service is not meant only for cutting and filing your nails but also meant for making your nails healthy and shiny. The service also includes massages and skin care of hands. Manicure services also focus on nail arts so that they can look stunning & beautiful. Our manicure specialists will not only make your nails & hands beautiful but also impress you with spectacular nail arts and designs. Basic manicure, spa manicure, French manicure, radiant manicure, hot oil manicure, reverse French manicure, American manicure, and gel manicure are popular manicure and nail spa services which we offer.


A pedicure is one of the most effective treatments for feet and toenails. Especially popular in women, pedicure service is opted for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Pedicure does not meant only for cutting and filing toenails. It is also helpful in curing cracked heals along with several other benefits. We specialize in foot spa and pedicure service and provide a range of pedicure services including regular & basic pedicure, dry/waterless pedicure, stone pedicure, athletic pedicure, champagne/wine Pedicure French pedicure, spa pedicure, radiant pedicure, intense moisturizing pedicure, anti-oxidant pedicure, de-tanning pedicure, and paraffin pedicure in Faridabad and NCR Area.


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It was such a fabulous experience for me that 7Sahdes  come to make my big day so special. They are super awesome. The work that they did is superb and perfect. I suggest every bride should get ready by 7Shades  they are literally the best makeup salon. It’s my personal experience. I love the work quality and his speed!
- Priti
Thank You so much for giving me time for my special 5 days and making me feel so great. You’ve done an outstanding job. Thanks and cheers!!
- Nitu