Happy New Year!! 2018 was a wonderful year with many new transformations and discoveries in the beauty industry and we saw many new looks and attires. As we enter 2019, let us run you through 5 killer trends that will help you in getting the perfect look this year.

Lashes are trending like never before

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To complement their basic overall make-up, girls are now sporting their lashes and this trend is getting popular by the day. Along with those pretty lashes you can also flaunt a strong brow game because perfectly done lashes and bold brows can never go wrong. To get your lashes done perfectly you can book an appointment now

Nude Colors are here to Stay

5 Tips to Rule 2019 with your Looks

Girls have slowly acquired a minimalistic approach to their make-up and it has become a trend. A natural and minimal makeup gives you a fresh look. Base oils are a new addition to nude makeup. Women have a variety of oils to choose from, ranging from rose to gold.

Nails to get more Focus

Nail Arts

2018 witnessed a range of elaborate and intricate nail art designs. To match with this trend be prepared to flaunt glossy nude and pastel nails in 2019. Book your appointment for perfect nails now.

Body scrubs are coming back

5 Tips to Rule 2019 with your Looks

One skin care trend that is gaining popularity, is of body scrubs. Along with moisturising your skin and keeping it soft and healthy body scrubs have a wonderful fragrance that pulls women towards them. Apart from our body we also need to take care of our faces. For this use a face scrub that exfoliates, polishes and moisturises your skin. Follow this for a glowing skin.

Fresh and Rusty Fragrances are taking over

5 Tips to Rule 2019 with your Looks

We can witness a significant change in the preferences for fragrances. Girls and women are turning to fresh and rusty fragrances rather than the regular floral ones. Some recently trending fragrances are escape to the Amazonian rain forests – luscious green notes, wet soil, the sweet fragrance of flowers -just consumed by nature. This year a lot of women would be choosing fragrances to make them smell fresh and summery.

So, be prepared to follow some new and amazing beauty trends this year. For expert opinion or to nail a new look this year feel free to contact us on 9717167776 or drop your query here.